What Is SoulCollage®?

What is SoulCollage®? 
     It is a fun process of cutting out images from magazines and pasting them down on a 5 x 8 mat board card. You can do this in a supportive Intuitive Collage© group, or by yourself. Seena Frost began the SoulCollage® process in the late 1980s. Its seeds lay in her final project for a three-year “Human Capacities” program led by Jean Houston from 1987 to 1989.

Why would I want to do SoulCollage®? 
We all have different aspects of ourselves that wind together like threads throughout our lives: our hopes, desires, feelings, family, friends, pets, animal guides, and soul guides. By creating cards you are able to visually express the parts and pieces of your life on a beautiful hand-crafted collage card. No art experience needed!

What is the goal of SoulCollage®? 
The goal is have fun and use your intuition to choose images to add to your card. By being aware of the wisdom of your choices, and what they bring to your card, the process will reveal a unique, visual expression of your being. After you create a deck of cards you will be able to use your cards to do readings that will further develop your intuitive wisdom. 

     This is not traditional Tarot readings or magic, but rather YOU revealing yourself to YOU. Your deck of cards will be used or personal healing, and self-reflection.

SoulCollage® is a registered trademark of SoulCollage®, Inc.The SoulCollage® process is described in
Seena B. Frost’s book, “SoulCollage® Evolving”. More information about SoulCollage® can be found at www.soulcollage.com.